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Dr. Brian S Dooreck, MD
United Arab Emirates
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Your health is not always your decision. How you handle it is.
Concierge-Level Patient Advocacy—and with telehealth now—selectively offering this to Dubai and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
Are you thinking, “I am looking for help navigating through the medical system.”
Based on what I have seen—after 15+ years in clinical practice—having someone advocate for you—the way you need it—when you need it—is an under-utilized option for some.
Imagine having a person advocating for you, also be a medical physician? Organizing your medical history in a concise summary? Connecting with—and getting you to—the best doctors in the world? Quicker, and faster than you can imagine?
Does that sound like a fantasy? Well, it doesn’t have to be.
Whether it be an acute or chronic medical condition for yourself or your loved ones—and you find yourself feeling that you are “not getting what I need.”
Then take a look at Executive Health Navigation.
By Doctors For Patients
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Concierge-Level Patient Advocacy